Overview of K-UAM Grand Challenge

The K-UAM Grand Challenge (K-UAM GC) is a phased demonstration program in which UAM vehicle safety and traffic management function tests suitable for urban conditions and environments are integrated and operated to support the commercialization of UAM in 2025.

The Korean government set the goal of commercializing Korea Urban Air Mobility (K-UAM) in 2025 by the K-UAM Roadmap and released the K-UAM Concept of Operations 1.0, which will serve

as a guideline for the commercialization of Korean urban air mobility, and promote the plan for public-private joint demonstration project, the K-UAM Grand Challenge.

The K-UAM Grand Challenge will support for UAM commercialization and technology development by operational demonstrations based on the (K-UAM ConOps 1.0 and flight tests of aircraft and technologies under development.

The K-UAM Grand Challenge will be hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and organized by the Korean Aerospace Research Institute.

We ask those who are interested in the future of urban air mobility in Korea and the UAM Grand Challenge Korea program to actively participate.


Minister of Land Infrastructure and Transport

K-UAM Grand Challenge

Main Schedule


Following the public announcement of this invitation to participate in the K-UAM Grand Challenge, participants will be chosen following a notice period (3.5 months) and an evaluation period (4 months). Apart from participant selection, a demonstration infrastructure functions/performances such as dry runs, DT, and flight procedure verification are being scheduled.

· Announcement of the Korean UAM Grand Challenge : Feb. 17, 2022

· Recruitment period for K-UAM GC 1 : Feb. 18, 2022 ~ May. 31,2022

· Evaluation of participant and due diligence : Jun. 1, 2022 ~ Oct. 17, 2022

· Selection of participants of K-UAM GC 1 : Nov. 2022

· DT in K-UAM GC 1 : May. 2023 ~ Jul. 2022

· Demonstration flight in K-UAM GC 1 : Aug. 2023 ~ Mar 2024

· Result report : Apr. 2023 ~ May. 2024

※ The entire GC schedule is subject to change due to a variety of factors,           

     including changes in government policy, the status of infrastructure      

     construction, domestic and international conditions, and natural disasters.

K-UAM Grand Challenge 

Proposal Guideline

Those interested in participating in K-UAM GC-1 must select a proposal field that corresponds to their area of interest and the abilities they have acquired thus far and submit a proposal in that field. Proposals submitted cannot be withdrawn.

Proposals should be no longer than 100 pages in length, including the cover page, table of contents, and acronym. The written proposal must be A4 in size (210x297mm) and may be written in landscape mode to accommodate schedules, tables, and other attachments. At the very least, the font size should be 10.

Proposals should refer to distinct annexes (UAM aircraft/air operator, UAM air traffic management, and Vertiport) and be organized according to the following table of contents and order. If the items on the following list are omitted, their absence may be reflected in the evaluation.

1. Submission : Each company's top management must sign the document.

2. Company overview : personnel, capital, and performance, for example.

3. Project management plan: proposal for document/human resource management,      

     equipment construction/support, and so on.

4. Participants and organizations in the GC : actual participants, support staff, and 

      management personnel, among others.

5. Implementation strategy for the GC and

      implementation personnel support strategy.

6. Equipment/items to be used for GC : List of primary equipment, including 


7. etc.

   - Vendor capabilities available to GC, agency practitioner signature (refer to Annex).

   - When a consortium is formed and a proposal is submitted, the agreement is    

      incorporated into other matters, and each company prepares its own proposal.

• Respondents wishing to participate in GC-1 under the K-GC implementation plan      

    must submit an e-mail letter of intent (proposal) by May 31, 2022.

• Receiving capacity of the email is less than 20 MB, the proposal must be      

    prepared/submitted in consideration of its size. Email attachments are used for 

    evaluation purposes only and will not be returned.

• E-mail address to submit : kuam-gc@kari.re.kr

Grand Challenge Perforamance System

Grand Challenge Perforamance System

K-UAM Grand Challenge 

Participation field

K-GC is a demonstration of a new concept in urban transportation to prepare a Korean-style operational standard suitable for domestic weather and urban conditions of UAM. The purpose of this demonstration project is to confirm the safety of the UAM aircraft and to demonstrate their integrated operability. The K-GC is divided into three phases: the establishment of a demonstration environment in phase o (GC-0). the demonstration of a rural area in phase 1 (GC-1), and the demonstration of an urban area in phase 2 (GC-2).

This Request for participation is intended to encourage participants to participate in K-GC. Participants divided into UAM Aircraft/Air Operator, UAM Air Traffic Management, and Vertiport are required to perform K-GC. For details, refer to Chapter 4 and the annexes (Scenario, UAM Aircraft Air Operator, UAM Air Traffic Management, and Vertiport).

• UAM Aircraft/Air operator Participant : GC-1 flight (PIC) and UAM operator roles

•  UAM Air Traffic Management Participant: GC-1 flight support and UATMSP roles

•  Vertiport Participant: GC-1 flight support and VP operator roles, ground support